Space traveller

We got ringside seats of epic proportions
Total dominion magnetic forces
Sit back and wait expelled into space
Completely contradicts time and place
Move off into a distant dream
Trapped inside a jet stream
It’s possible to envision star formations
Illuminating everlasting constellations


Fair play entree

Hanging outside a pizzaria

Employees entrance between me and him

How could I sleep with all your hints and accusations

Triangle of humiliation

You are incurable Keep out

I’ll think about it Sit down

Medium cheese pizza two liter bottle of Pepsi

Into his mouth

Pink clouds hopeful dreams

I’m wrapped up in a blanket as the night wore on

Waiting to understand

The sight of him his naked legs

Consciousness arrives

In a somewhat less satisfying way

“I christen thee Slumping Economy”

Mr. Fed Chairman don’t drift away

The U.S. Armada begs to convey

Submerged the bow credit capsized

Orders for thought liberation implied

Heroic assumptions already sombre

Collided with berths why lower the anchor

You appear surprised by the predictions

Break the shackles of this crisis dear seaman

Extraordinary steps to build new solutions

How nature could have contrived the oceans

Rose garden

Peering into your life  North and South collide
Beads around the neck  elegantly he steps

It was tropical fruit  strawberry passion
Anything you do is cool
With that in mind
Straight from his hand to mine
Blunt cigar
Glowing blue constellations Dark Knight
Once again pursuing you
No simple task as it were
Elite geeks, nerds
To the depths of forever
Painted words